Questions and answers

Every project with us is individual. Every customer has their own requirements and wishes. That's why we don't have a fixed price list.

In order you can estimate our price level, here we give our base count.

Costs for creating a landing page with 6-8 sections starts from €1000 - €1200.

The creation of a traditional website with 5-8 pages costs from €1400 - €1600.

Creating an online store will cost from €2000.

The time limits are as individual as the costs. These depend on various factors such as the site's features, complexity, the time it takes the customer to make corrections. As an example, we can estimate minimum time limits. Landing page - from 30 days, multi-page website - from 45 days, online shop - from 60 days.

Website promotion is an individual and complex approach. We develop a promotion strategy after a thorough analysis of the client's business. Depending on the client's wishes for the speed of promotion, the number of requests and many other factors, a plan is developed. Of course, the most effective strategy will be an integrated approach using different channels and all kinds of suitable tools.

Therefore, the cost of promoting a project in the digital world is calculated purely individually.

We create most of our projects using the reliable and popular CMS WordPress. Online shops are built with WordPress + WooCommerce.

For complicated and high-load projects in e-commerce, we use the proven and popular CMS Magento

We prefer the following working scheme. Before starting work, the 50% deposit is paid. After project completion, you transfer the remaining payment and then we transfer the site to your server.

At the same time, the project can be divided into several phases. At each stage, the above payment scheme can be applied.

Yes, we provide 1 year warranty for all work. This means that we will correct any errors free of charge.

However, this is very rare because we check everything carefully before the project is completed.

Also, we focus on long-term cooperation and usually we take care of your site throughout the cooperation.