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Translations service Iryna Meyer

Website for the translator Iryna Meyer.
Iryna offers her translation and interpreting services in Germany, her working languages ​​include German, Russian and Ukrainian.

Our task was to develop a modern website that would present the translation services and attract new clients. First, we analyzed Ms. Meyer’s competitors and identified their strengths and weaknesses. On this basis, first the structure and then the design of the future website were determined. The design of the website looks modern and light, reflecting the specifics of linguistic activity.
It should be mentioned separately that the logo of the entrepreneur was developed in this project and the choice of colors and fonts were adjusted.

Ms. Meyer is a very demanding customer, which is why the design has been perfected down to the smallest detail. In addition, she actively participated in the development of the project concept, so that the cooperation was successful and intensive. In the end, the customer was 100 percent satisfied with the result.

The website was created with CMS WordPress and adapted to all end devices. The site includes a contact form with the built-in ability to attach and send files to be translated. The website has been created in three language versions, with the language being automatically adapted to the visitor’s browser language.

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