Development of web projects of varying complexity from WordPress to headless CMS with frontend

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With WordPress you can create anything or almost anything


Website of any complexity


Small or medium-sized online shop


Platform for online learning


Best blog platform

Social network

A community for communication


Platform for selling from various providers

Booking system

Booking system from the practice to the hotel


Creating tests and quizzes


Creating memberships or some type of subscription plan

Headless solution

What is it

A headless CMS differs from a regular CMS in that it does not have a frontend. Content is created in the usual backend and generated as an API. The frontend is created separately using any convenient tools

When a customized solution is required

When the content is used not only in a web application but also on other devices such as a mobile app or various gadgets

Headless CMS

When to use

Advantages of the headless CMS


Works consistently and quickly as the company grows


Separate frontend and backend ensure more security


Thanks to the optimized code, the website works faster

Top Tools

Ability to use modern frameworks and libraries


Content can be transferred to different devices

Clean Code

No additional code that is not used

What we do

Our web development services at a glance


We develop a concept for the future project that fits the company's style and at the same time meets the UX specifications. Your customers won't get lost in the structure of the site and will work together for a long time


Development of the visible part of a website or web project, in other words - frontend. We use modern tools and frameworks such as Next.js and React.js


Development of individual backends for customers. Site administrators can generate pages and create content themselves


Not all projects require the creation of a separate frontend and backend. In such cases, we believe developing on WordPress is the best solution

Technical support

After the project starts online, we will stay with you and ensure that your online shop functions reliably and without interruption. We update content, expand functionality and monitor security


To save you the costs of hiring your own staff, we take care of your website. These include updating and adding content, expanding features, etc.

Would you like to find out more?

Then we get to know each other. Tell us about your project. Write to us in the way that suits you and we will offer you the best solution

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