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SanTerris World Project

SanTerris World is a humanitarian project that aims to improve the environment and help people and animals. The main goal of the project is to contribute to a healthy lifestyle, protecting the climate and animals.

A concept was developed to unite like-minded people. Several online platforms are connected in the concept. We made them in the same style and combined them into one system.

All under one roof

The main page is for informational purposes only. It combines all services under one roof and helps the user to easily find their way around the project. Of course customization for all devices by default.

Santerris World Entwicklung von Website
SanTerris Social Webdevelopment

Communication, communication

Social network for communication of like-minded people. Users can create friendship, write messages and send media files, create groups and organize conferences through Zoom.

Integration with the online learning platform allows users to buy and create online courses.

Marketplace platform

An e-commerce platform where each member can sell their products or services to like-minded people

SanTerris Marketplace
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